Ozan is a young punk rocker in Istanbul. He dreams of releasing a record in California. His father, Altan, is a former musician whose career was ended by a coup attempt. He fears for Ozan’s future. On the day of Ozan’s nineteenth birthday, they get into a heated argument. Ozan leaves to meet with his friend Deniz who tells him about a cruise ticket to California the next morning. Ozan and his girlfriend Lara set out through the city to house parties and rave disco at a junkyard to shisha bar on the search for the ticket.


Burak Deniz, Büşra Develi, Deniz Celiloğlu, Eriş Akman, Ceren Moray, Selim Bayraktar, Seda Akman, Cem Başeskioğlu,Yüksel Ünal and many other people from the underground Istanbul…

Based On The Director’s Personal Family Story.

The story of the film inspired from real events of the director Mu Tunc’s family story. The film begins in Merter, where Ozan’s punk music is made, and depicts a night of lovers who might be able to try out every way to get out of Istanbul. Story reflects the truth of subcultural Istanbul.

Interview With The Director About The Film

Based Istanbul / Duygu Bengi – Sep 2017
“We’re Surrounded By People Who Are Torn Between. Each Day, We See Someone Lose His/Her Faith In This City And People, And Say “I’m Leaving This Place.” We Want To Neither Take The Responsibility To Give Them Any Advice Nor Lose Them. We’re Stuck In Between!”

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